Push, Plow, and Break Through Ice

Date posted: August 18, 2009


I cannot say that the past three days have been my favorite.  We finally put the “Braving” part into our trip. 

After reading ice charts and making our way fairly smoothly down Peel Sound for the past few weeks, three days ago Mother Nature decided to shake things up a bit.  Not only did we have to push, plow, and break our way through ice, we also had fog and zero breeze (which didn’t help move the ice).  Our radar was one big green blob, and we could only find leads heading the opposite direction we wanted to go!

Sprague on the helm, Clinton on top telling Sprague what direction he should go, Sefton directing Sprague through the breaks (and sometimes breaking) in the ice, Chauncey pushing ice from either side of the bow, Greg and I on the stern clearing the ice from the beam and making sure nothing went under towards the prop when we went into reverse.  We all yelled and cursed (at each other AND the ice). But we persevered. We spent the last two nights with the anchor on a piece of ice drifting with the wind. Finally this morning the ice, the clouds and the fog broke and we have a clear shot down Ross Strait to Gjoa Haven!

Menu: The last three days: Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, Tonight: Steak!

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3 Responses to “Push, Plow, and Break Through Ice”

  1. Be sure that when you are cursing at the ice, you project your voice down low at the water surface. It has been written by ancient mariners that the ear lobes of ice bergs are located on the water line.
    Good luck to you guys and at the very least……keep your sense of humor.

  2. Be well, Bagan. We are loving this great adventure and wishing you a safe and happy homecoming. NPR is currently running a great series on Greenland. They might be in touch with an interview. Now, if only you had access to a good Sat. phone or internet.

  3. Clinton: I am your cousin, Weezie Dunn Gorman. My Mother was Carolyn McKellar Dunn. Good luck in your journey, looks like you have ice & snow ahead. Elizabeth Neilsen gave me your website. I especially like Alaska as we took a cruse on the Northwest Passage. If I had to do it again, would take a ferry. My husband & I have a home in Roatan, Honduras, & we are just down the same road as Eldon. We enjoy seeing the entire family when we are on the island. Usually spend 3 months there. Saw cousin Carolyn Bolton Cox trip before last & we had not seen each other since we were 14 years old. That was 52 years ago.
    Take care & good luck. I will enjoy seeing your blog. Answer is you ever hae time.

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