Elliott Bay Marina

Date posted: November 6, 2009


Today, at 5:30 PST, we tied up to the docks at Elliot bay Marina, shut down the engine on Bagan, and officially finished what we started out June 16th from Newport, RI to do. We traveled to, transited through and came back from The Northwest Passage.  Thank you ALL for being such wonderfully supportive blog readers.  To know that you were out there cheering us on means more than words can say.  Bed beckons, but much more later!

- Sprague, Chauncey, Dominique and Sefton

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5 Responses to “Elliott Bay Marina”

  1. Congratulations on a safe arrival home. I have followed Bagan’s progress since my brother, Russ, boarded Fiona in Nuuk back in July. I can’t begin to tell you how much I’ve enjoyed your blogs and photos. What an adventure you all have had!! Deb

  2. Sprague & crew!

    Congratulations on your successful Northwest Passage! I can’t wait for the film! In August, during our respective “days in the ice” in Franklin Strait, it was a comfort knowing that the good ship Bagan was less than 60 miles south.

    After that, meeting you in person in Cambridge Bay and then following your continued adventures on West to Alaska was a joy.

    Come visit when you’re in Astoria!

    All best,
    Russ Roberts

  3. Sprague,
    Congratulations and a job ‘WELL DONE” Captain! I truly enjoyed the journey together with you via email and blogs. That truly was a journey of a lifetime. You and your family crew spent quality time together sharing the experience and getting to know each other at a level most families can only hope for. These memories and bonds will last a lifetime and will create stories that will be told to children and grandchildren for generations to come.These are the priceless returns from an investment in boating. Most of us boaters know about these non monetary returns on investment, but yours have come back four fold.

    Congratulations Captain !

    Wes Dixon
    Houston Tx.

  4. Great job! Wow what an adventure you had. Thats my dream trip.

    When will the film come out? Where can I get it or view it?

  5. Congratulations for such a well done voyage. Like others I have followed you every day with great admiration. Can’t wait to see the films. You, your crew, and boat have made major contributions to safe and sane ocean passaging and seamanship. Well Done.Tom ancient mariner Gloucester Ma.

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