A Few Final Thoughts…

Date posted: November 9, 2009

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We saw Russia and the U.S. at the same time and came within 900 miles of the North Pole. We visited Greenland and Alaska in the same summer & on the same boat. We saw the water temp go from 70 degrees to 30.5 We dodged icebergs in two major oceans.  We went as far north as 75N, traveled 1/3rd of the way around the world and cruised 8,500 nautical miles through eight different time zones. Bagan sailed three oceans in one summer, traveled further west than Hawaii and last but not least, transited from the east coast to the west cost via The Northwest Passage.

In all of this we also witnessed and enjoyed one of the more amazing creations this world has to offer; The Wagner family’s world famous “Dump Cake”, an amazing concoction of almost all things sweet and edible and guaranteed to provide you with an extra pound or two!  One crew member who I’m glad I didn’t have to tell you about (but am very happy to do so now) is Dr. Phil Wagner, the expedition’s resident doctor.  I met Phil this past winter when I was battling the Little Toe From Hell.  During one of my doctor appointments with Phil we got to talking about the trip to The Passage and by the end of that day I was emailing him asking him if he’d consider being our doctor on call. He very graciously accepted the invitation, spent many, many hours assembling our ship’s medical kit and gave Dominique a very detailed, one day course on just about any emergency which could pop up.  It was a always comfort  knowing that Phil was literally a phone call away, a call that I’m very happy to say we never had to make.  Thank you Phil and family!!

I also want to take a quick moment to thank all of you who posted comments and kept cheering us on.  Even for those of you who didn’t post, knowing that you were out there with us in your thoughts, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You were every bit as responsible in helping make this trip the wonderful success that is was.

For the detractors and naysayers about out trip, all I can say is I’m sorry you felt this way. I think had you taken the time to personally reach out and communicate with me rather than simply post discouraging comments and negative words on other chat sites, it would have done wonders for all of us.  Please know that as each of the wonderfully supportive emails we received inspired us on, hearing about those who challenged my decisions to do this trip, without actually having the honesty and courage to get in touch with me, was very detrimental to the effort.  I simply can not fathom why a person would post and say derogatory things without making the effort to get in touch with me personally. There is and always will be anonymous safety behind a computer screen.

In the end, I simply could not be more proud (prouder?) of my crew, Chauncey, Dominique, Sefton and Greg.  They performed above and beyond my wildest expectations.  I truly love these people. They are modern day heroes and I will forever regard them as such.  The fact that Chaunce and Dom are my stepchildren and Sefton my son is simply icing on the cake! They fulfilled the dream. As for Bagan, we put her through her paces and she brought us home without a scratch.

I would not have done this trip on any other boat or with any other crew!

“This isn’t the end, nor is it the beginning of the end.
In fact, it’s simply the end of the beginning.”

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6 Responses to “A Few Final Thoughts…”

  1. Sprague et al,

    Congratulations on your completion of this epic voyage! I suppose voyages like this one are never really “complete”. You will be journeying about in this world forever more, gathering new insights and realizations.

    I look forward to your sharing them with us in film and in person.

    All the best,


  2. I was at your send off in Newport and just wanted to congratulate you on journey. As we say in the Air Froce MA (mission acomplished) well done!

  3. Thanks for such kind words. My family and I are overjoyed to have been a part of your amazing adventure. Our dinner table conversation often included “Where’s Sprague today?” and a trip to Google Maps.

    We are thankful that you made it through safe and sound. Can’t wait for more stories and images.

    From my medical POV, no news was good news.

    Dump Cake recipe available by request.

    Standing by…


  4. Welcome home and thank you for sharing your lives and adventures with the world-we will miss it!

  5. Your journey has been so cool to follow. There aren’t words to describe. I am in awe of you guys/gals. It was fun to get online and watch the progress. You did an excellent job with photos and telling the tale as it unwound. Thanks. Keep us posted on any other expeditions! Syndra & Steve

  6. Congratulations to all of you for accomplishing a feat few even had the guts to talk about. It is a rare thing, indeed. You probably don’t realize what a vicarious thrill it was for this landlocked sailor to ride along on your voyage. Thanks for that. It gives me hope and great pride knowing there are explorers like yourselves out there who still answer the question of why with a humble, because it was there. My hat’s off to each of you.

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