A Few New Announcements

Date posted: January 14, 2010

As promised, I’ve a few new announcements regarding the future of The Northwest Passage film and Hole In The Wall Productions in general.  While some of these announcements are still in their infancy and I’m guarding them with cautious optimism, there’s one very exciting development I’m anxious to share with you now.

The wonderful success of this summer’s expedition to and through The Northwest Passage aboard my boat Bagan, a Nordhavn 57, showed me many marvelous things, not the least of which being… I need a bigger boat.  Bagan was wonderful but trying to edit the footage aboard was problematic. My ultimate dream has always been to have an expedition trawler large enough I could have a dedicated edit suite aboard.  Basically, my dream would be to have  Hole In The Wall Production be a floating production facility.

While recently at Pacific Asian Enterprises (Nordhavn headquarters) in Dana Point, CA, I met with Dan Streech and Larry Gieselman to try and figure out a way this could best be accomplished; a larger research ship.  It was then that Dan and Larry rolled out some drawings of Jeff Leishman’s latest design, the stunning Nordhavn 63.  Not one to mince words; the design was perfect.  What truly sealed the deal in my mind was that forward of  the engine room Jeff had designed in a “utility room” which would be a perfect edit facility for me.  Dan, Larry and I spent the better part of a day massaging layouts (and numbers) to try and assure the complete feasibility of this project.  By mid-day on the second day we came to an agreement, I listed (bitter/sweet) Bagan with Nordhavn’s brokerage and, taking a very deep breath, am moving ahead with the Nordhavn 63 project.  I have said it repeatedly in these blogs and will state again; there simply is no better boat or company in existence for providing Hole In The Wall Productions and myself a working platform and home.  As you know,  this summer we put Bagan to the most extreme of tests and she didn’t miss a beat nor suffer a ding. Chasing after the extreme maritime documentaries that I do, doing so on a larger Nordhavn is one of the easiest and sanest choices I could make.  To be moving into a larger “research” ship is, as I said, a dream come true, to be in partnership with Nordhavn on this project is the proverbial icing on the cake.

As I intimated in the first paragraph, there’re a few more very exciting announcements coming but want to make sure all the proverbial “t”’s are crossed and “i”s dotted before I post them!

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2 Responses to “A Few New Announcements”

  1. Great to hear of this news.. I’m an avid follower of your adventures and I’m excited to know that there will be others in the future. I ‘m eagerly waiting for the final release of the “Northwest Passage”. Thanks for the updates!
    Wes Dixon
    Houston, Tx.

  2. Hi Sprague!
    I received the CD today and immedately played it …it was a great intro (short) but i know the finish product will be worth it …can’t wait. Another trip planned will be watching closely . Thanks again!
    The kids was excited also and says thanks !

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