Hole in the Wall Productions has assembled a team of sailors, divers and filmmakers uniquely suited to not only take on the challenges of an Arctic expedition but to capture its geography and inhabitants on film in dramatic and compelling ways. The Arctic is always perilous. The film will be a journey for the ages, an unprecedented view into a stark and unforgiving world.

The retreating ice in the Northwest Passage is opening the strait to international shipping, cutting the transit time, and attendant costs, by 25-40%. In addition, it’s bringing about unprecedented access to the treasure trove of natural resources; fish, diamonds, gold and oil, that exist in the region. These are some of the issues the film will look at.

Polar bears, a living icon of the Arctic, hunt from a platform of ice. With the pack ice disappearing, their hunting habits and eating patterns have changed. 501(c) 3’s like Polar Bears International, have begun to address the issue through research and education. Presenting this film in partnership with a charity like this will align your business with the conservationist effort.

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